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FAA Aviation Medical Examinations


DOT Medical Certification

Dr. Hardy is a Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) and provides examinations for First, Second and Third-class airmen. He has provided thousands of aviation medical examinations during his 12 years as a civilian AME and previously as a U.S. Navy Flight Surgeon.

Please call if you have any questions about certification requirements, or other questions regarding medical conditions or medications that might affect flight status, or that are potentially disqualifying under FAA guidelines.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires medical certification for drivers who hold a Commercial Driver's License. Dr. Hardy is an FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner.

Dr. Hardy has conducted thousands of civilian DOT exams over his nearly 20-year civilian career. Dr. Hardy has provided DOT exams to clients in numerous heavy industries, including trucking, construction, mining and contracting. He is firmly committed to understanding the unique environment and standards for each of his client companies, and providing hands-on, thorough service and processing to each patient.

Work injuries

With nearly 25 years experience in Occupational Medicine, Dr. Hardy will assure effective and prudent care of your injured employees, with excellent communication and a team approach with both the employee and the employer.  Dr. Hardy has the ability and equipment to treat virtually all non-life-threatening injuries, including lacerations, burns, eye foreign bodies, musculoskeletal injuries, repetitive strain injuries and tendonitis, etc. Dr. Hardy is adamant that his role is to educate and help prevent injury, and to help workers heal and get them back to work if they are injured.

Drug Screening

Flightline Occupational Medicine is a certified drug test and breath alcohol test collection site for DOT-mandated collections and non-DOT-mandated collections and quick tests, to support your drug-free workplace policies.

Dr. Hardy is a Medical Review Officer, certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO). He provides medical review for drug test results, both DOT-mandated and non-mandated.  Dr. Hardy receives drug test results from the lab and reviews positive results with the employee to determine if there is a medical explanation. This ensures that private medical information regarding prescription medications is maintained confidential, while assuring a drug-free workplace for employers.

About Dr. Hardy


Dr. Michael Hardy practices Aviation and Occupational Medicine in Salt Lake City and Orem, Utah.  He is the sole proprietor of Flightline Occupational Medicine, an independently owned and operated, full-service Occupational Medicine Clinic. Dr. Hardy's practice focuses on workplace injuries, FAA exams, and DOT exams, in addition to many other occupational medicine-related services.

Dr. Hardy has practiced Occupational Medicine for 20 years, including over ten years in Utah County  and Salt Lake City. He is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine and is a Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner. Dr. Hardy's patients, colleagues and peers recognize him as an experienced and dedicated Industrial Physician, Aviation Medical Examiner, and DOT Medical Examiner. 

Prior to civilian Occupational Medicine practice in Colorado, California and Utah, Dr. Hardy served as a Medical Officer in the United States Navy, with eight years of active duty service. His service as a U.S. Navy Flight Surgeon with the Fleet Marine Force was the highlight of his career. During this time he served as Flight Surgeon for VMA-214, the Black Sheep, a U.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier squadron in Yuma, Arizona. He subsequently served as Senior Flight Surgeon for Marine Aircraft Group 13, also in Yuma. After residency training in Occupational Medicine, he served as Occupational Medicine Physician and Senior Medical Officer at the U.S. Navy medical clinic at Naval Submarine Base Bangor in Washington state. He has a life-long interest in the history of aviation and manned space flight, and is an ardent supporter of the aviation community in Utah.

Dr. Hardy is a graduate of the University of Utah School of Medicine, and completed residency training in Occupational Medicine at the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Utah. He holds a bachelors degree in Microbiology from Idaho State University.

Dr. Hardy

Dr. Hardy



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